Thursday, April 15, 2010

Activity Progression
Lesson PLan

My teaching today went well. I thought that it was my best lesson taught all semester. I felt confident in the topic and all the preperation that I put into this lab. It was not easy though. There were a lot of resources that I had to use in order to find certain activities. I do not know how it is with most schools but I know my school did not teach anything like this. The reaction from the class seemed pretty positive. I got a lot of positive feedback from the class. Everything in the lesson went smooth. I thought I did a good job transitioning from task to task. I thought I explained thhings clearly such as cues and safety precautions. It is really good to get feedback from the other students. By them giving me feedback it helps me work on things that I did not necessarly know I was doing, I know for the next time I teach I have to work on not saying "guys". I do not know why I say it and I do not realize that I am even saying it.
A big part of teaching is giving feedback. A student needs to know if they are doing tasks correctly or wrong. This was by far my best lab that I gave feedback on. I was more involved with the activities, making sure that they were running safely and properly. There was a fight with Dan and Ryan towards the end that I thought I handled pretty well. I almost forgot to seperate them which in a real scenario might be costly. However I have time to work on that.
All in All I really enjoyed this unit. I think as you look through my lab's you can see a real difference in my approach, my voice, my confidence. I feel like with this Lab it simulated the real deal, and it gave me a sense of what it is going to be like when I graduate. I thought I handled it well, and there is always room for improvement but for this class I think I did well.

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