Monday, February 8, 2010

PED 255 "Quick Demo"

Compared to my first video, I say that this clip is a little bit better in some aspects. Compared to the last video I thought that this video I was louder, I thought I explained myself well in the video. There is a part in the video where there is a sudden stop on my behalf, it was not because I was stuck I thought that Professor Yang was trying to grab my attention but he was not. However even as a teacher if I am explaining a lesson to my class and someone wants me they would have to wait until I was finished talking, so that was a good test however the next time that happens I am sure I will not be as effected. I think I should slow down the speed in which I talk. It seemed too fast even for me.
I talk with my hands a lot when I am explaining things and one thing I notice is that I grab my hands while I was explaining the task. I feel like talking with your hands is not necessarily a bad thing however I want to improve on not grabbing them and saying "Ummm" as much. It kind of makes it seem like I am nervous (Which I am not) and not comfortable up there. The intent of the message was communicated clearly. For the task that I was demonstrating I think that this was easy to understand. Now of course if there was an actual class and I had equipment, my own gym, etc. I could have done more with it, but the 3 points I made about hitting were accurate and fairly easy to understand the task. The next time I teach I would use the same key points as this lesson, I would just slow down a little more, use less of my hands, I could still be louder, and I would add a little bit more detail/explanation as to why we are doing this activity, and I would elaborate on why we want to remember those 3 key points.

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