Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lab C

I thought my lesson today went pretty well. I thought I did well explaining the directions and leading the class into "harder" tasks. It was a fun lesson I enjoyed doing the lesson on wheelchair basketball because I love basketball and it makes me look at it in a different way. It is really cool that they developed wheelchair basketball into a professional level. It gives hope to those who need it and I thought it was fun doing this lesson. As far as how I taught. Well I thought that I explained everything that I needed too. However I felt that I could of been a little big more organized, with what I was going to say. For some reason this Lab had me a little bit more nervous than the other ones. I am comfortable speaking in front of the class and I am confident in what I am going to say, but there was something about this lab that made me feel a little nervous. I got through it and I thought everyone in the class cooperated with me and was great.
I could of given a lot more feedback to the class. I got caught up in the lesson, but I thought that the feedback I did give was useful. The one thing that I forgot to do was demonstrate the activities. I had it written down in my lesson plan but for some odd reason I forgot to pinpoint and use students in the class to demonstrate. There were not enough wheelchairs for the class and I had them rotate which went well and everyone did a great job with that. Another thing that I personally thought I did wrong was I went too quickly into the three man weave I should of progressed to that with other tasks. I no know for the next time.
To conclude I think that it went well and the areas that I need to improve on I will work on for Lab D and I am pretty excited for it.

Activity Progression



Time Coding

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