Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dear Superintendent

I am writing to you on behalf of the Physical Education department and our fellow students. Our wish is to incorporate non-traditional activities and units in our curriculum. As we advance as a nation and as Physical Education evolves more and more, we feel that Physical Education class is not just about throwing out the balls and telling the students to have fun. We must apply incorporate life skills as part of our class. It has come to my attention that more than 80% of my students want to experiment in non-traditional activitites. I have taken a survey and found that most students have grown tired of basketball,volelyball,soccer,softball,football etc. There is a unit called Project Adventure which i wish to use in my classroom. Project Adventure uses many skills such as communication, teamwork, trust and other useful life skills to help complete certain tasks and objectives. Most of these skills if not all of them are taught within other classes such as social studies, science, and english. Some of these activities provide brain stimulating objectives that help students expand their thinking and problem solving skills. We feel that by adding this unit into our curriculum we can help develop necessary skills that these students need to attain to become succesfull in everyday life. Students seem enthusiastic about the idea of starting this unit. Blindfold games, tag games, trust falls/runs/dives are being talked about amongst the students. Throughout my time at SUNY Cortland I became certified in PRoject Adventure and I am ready to teach these kids safely and responsibly. I have created a presentation that I would like to share with you to help my cause of addidng this unit to the curriculum. If you have any questions at all please I encourage and would like you to contact me via e-mail or contact me at 845-555-5555. Again I thank you for your time and really look forward to seeing you Tuesday night at 8pm in the Hall of Fame Room. We feel this presentation is enough evidence to convince the board to allow this unit.
Thank You

Harris Seletsky

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