Monday, May 3, 2010

The Semester

Over the past semester I feel that I have grown and have made a lot of improvements in my teaching methods. This semester was a very interesting one. When we first started I was a little nervous to be teaching in front of my peers. But as the labs kept coming so did my progressions. As the semester kept going I learned from my classmates TA’s and professor. My classmates were great. We were composed of a bunch of great individuals. We helped each other and had fun. I can remember when we first started how low my voice was, and how I had tendencies such as grabbing my hands and stuttering. However as we moved from lab to lab I fixed and improved a lot of my mechanics. After 255 I feel that I am a better teacher candidate then I was the previous semester. I learned that specific feedback and even constant feedback is vital to a child’s learning and development. Another useful piece of information I learned is to have a good hook. Grab their attentions right away from the start of a class and the rest of the lesson is a piece of cake. The blogs and groups that we have joined on facebook, twitter, blogger etc are very helpful for the future. Networking and meeting great new people (such as spring 2010 255 class) is key for when looking for a job. I had a great experience this semester. I wish everyone well have a great summer, and we will continue our journey next fall.

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